Friday, February 27, 2004

In my Comp082a class today we looked at some free javascript libraries such as JavaScript Planet and JavaScript search

JavaScript City at http://www.javascriptcity.com/scripts/index.html is being blocked by Websense at the PI today.
Hello everyone,

Our classes at the PI are well under way now this term. All the students are registered in our Yahoo Group and I want to start using this group and our blogs to develop our web presence so that people all over the world will get to know us.

I'm Vance, a computing lecturer at the Petroleum Institute. I was born in Texas but I've lived in Hawaii and California in the USA, and I've lived for over 20 years in Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE.

On weekends when I'm not at the PI I like to go diving or hiking in order to take advantage of the beautiful nature and environment of the UAE and Oman. I would like to stay in the UAE for a long time, and I hope to be able to continue working and teaching here.

My students know they can visit my blog for any last minute information I want to give over the Internet. Otherwise they can find information about our Comp082s courses here:


If you want to WORK on your blog, you can find some help pages here:
- Learn how to post and edit in Blogger: Posting and editing posts, steps 9 - 10
- Learn how to change the template to put your own photos and links on your blog

IMPORTANT: Before you change your template, back up the old one.
- Get the template in Blogger
- Hi-lite ALL of it and use ctrl-C to copy it to your computer's buffer or pasteboard
- Open Start / Programs / Accessories / Notepad
- Copy the old template from your computer memory to the Notepad document
- Save the old template in your Home folder
- If you make any mistakes (these will prevent your blog from displaying correctly) then simply copy the template from your Home folder to replace the one saved at blogger

The template tells Blogger how to display your blog entries. Your blog entries are OK. You can also see them after accidents by selecting a NEW template. This will restore your blog entries, but if you do this you will lose any changes you made to your template up to then.

Wishing you a happy and productive semester as we learn together,


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