Friday, November 21, 2003

Before going away for your Eid holiday, I need to know how you're doing with your keyboarding. I need for you to write me a memo that explains your progress.

Here's how you do it:

1. Create an Excel spreadsheet like the one where you track your work with DOS Keyboarding Tutor
2. Enter your data in the spreadsheet (exercise, date, speed, and accuracy)
3. Use the chart wizard to create a line graph
4. Rename series 1 and 2 to Speed and Accuracy
5. Give the chart a title and label the X and Y axes
6. Produce a chart and copy it to your computer RAM
7. Open word and use File / New to create a MEMO
8. Delete the memo text (body) and paste your chart object there
9. Address the memo to your teacher
10. From you (and don't forget to include your ID)
11. Delete the cc (carbon copy, not needed)
12. Subject or Re: DOS Keyboard Tutor Progress Report
13. Write a paragraph (a few sentences) to REPORT (describe, explain) your progress
14. Your keyboarding mark will be taken from this memo

Thanks, and happy holidays

Incidentally, here is an online typing tutor program

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