Saturday, December 06, 2003

The 082b class decided their eZine should have the following topics:

- Introducing the UAE and its president Sheikh Zayed (Ali) and it's religion, Islam
- Interesting places to spend a holiday (Saeed)
- Tourism in the UAE (Mhmd Nasser and Rashid)
- Sports in general (Jamal) and car racing in particular (Khalfan)

We looked at some of the other sites listed at the link below and noticed that most had frames. That is there are two or three pages linked by an additional page. Vance can help someone make framed pages if you like.

Friday, December 05, 2003

Hi everyone, welcome back from holiday.

In 082a we talked about making an eZine as a class project. In particular, we talked about what each student could do for the project.

Here are some of the ideas the students came up with. To make these ideas happen we need editors for each of these areas:

- Sources for ... animations, javascripts, ...
- Photographs and pictures (Salem Salmeen)
- Content areas: stories, jokes, poetry
- Polling other students: important questions, student quotes (Karim)
- Games, puzzles (Abdullah)
- Advertisements (maybe funny ones)
- News about art, sports, health (Hassan)

The current projects students have mentioned in their blogs are ok, but in this case, students can write evaluations of the websites that can give us information on these matters.

For example, NOT comparison of four cars, but ...
Comparison of four websites about cars

Homework for Monday, Dec 8, 2003
(1) Write in your blog what YOU would like to do as part of a final project for a class e-zine
(2) Complete the worksheet "Searching the World Wide Web Part 2"

We will use your answers for questions 3-6 as part of an evaluation exercise later this week.

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