Monday, February 09, 2004

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another semester of Computing at the PI.

Today I am busy setting up the materials we will use for our course. I have created a YahooGroup at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pi082spring/ and you are all invited (and required) to join it.

Once you are all in the group, you can put links to your blogs there. You can also upload photos to the group. I've set up folders for each of your classes in the LINKS and PHOTOS sections.

I have also set up the web sites which will serve as PORTALS for this course. At the moment, you can only see these sites from the PI IntRAnet. Later this evening (from home) I will upload the files to the InTERnet and make them available online from anywhere in the world (including the PI).

For now, here are the addresses (these links will work only from the PI):
The Foundation Computing Portal is at: \\pi-web1.pi.ac.ae\web\ESP\Computer\index.htm
Vance's Comp082s portal is here: \\pi-web1.pi.ac.ae\web\ESP\Computer\hspro_pi\comp082s2004\082s2004.htm
And you can find an explanation of homework assigned in this course, and when it is due, here: \\pi-web1.pi.ac.ae\web\ESP\Computer\hspro_pi\comp082s2004\082hw2004.htm

I'm going to post this message to our YahooGroups site. If you see it, tell your friends in my classes to check the blog or sign up at YahooGroups and see the Messages.

I look forward to working with you this semester.


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